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Candle Holder
  bamboo candle holder
  Glass candle holder
Candle Lantern
  wood lantern
  Stainless steel lantern
  copper plated lantern
  Hemp rope lantern
  bamboo weaving lantern
  rust candle lantern
metal basket
Wine rack
metal lantern
Glass beverage dispenser
Photo frame
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QC / Technical Support
Our production is divided into small groups of ten people. For each group there is one employee who is responsible for product quality who inspects goods throughout production. All of our quality control members are very skillful, each of them has taken an average apprenticeship of approximately 3-5 years from the beginning of their career life, then they could be as a QC Member. They have enough experience and with to keep products up to grade.


Materials / Components
Materials are processed in-house so that extra value-added from any outside parties is minimized. Most of our products are component by Iron, Metal wire, Glass, Wood, Stainless steel, etc.


Procedures / Testing Details
For each individual shipment of order, first-hand sample will be checked before delivery to the client for initial quality approval. One week before production, our individual team of quality engineers will be assigned for quality inspection on-site in our own factories and report on quality defects. At each production step, independent QC is in place to make sure that quality problems are eliminated from the beginning. 7-15days before shipment, independent QC will carry out a random inspections. Products that do not pass QC will be reprocessed until they are qualified.






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